[News] Universe Memorial Dungeon Guide

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[News] Universe Memorial Dungeon Guide

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 06, 2016 5:55 pm

1. Create a party (minimum members of 4 with level 84-99) and click the Universe Memorial statue in middle Prontera to access the dungeon.

1st floor
2. Talk to Kruger. He will tell you what you have to do at the 1st floor.

3. CLEAR ALL MONSTERS in 4 zones to get to the next floor.

2nd floor
4. Talk again to Kruger. He will tell your mission at the 2nd floor.

5. Your party leader has to light several torches (12 torches in total) in SEQUENTIAL ORDER to get to the next zone.
Zone 1 (5 torches)

Zone 2 (7 torches)

6. Defeat the Orc King and its allies at the end of Zone 3.

And you'll get these items as rewards:
- 1 pc Universe Box
- 1 pc Orc Pendant

- You can get the items dropped by monsters from accessible-after-quest maps! (Nameless Island and Rachel Sanctuary)
- The Orc Pendant can be exchanged to some items in Reward Exchanger
- Be careful of monster mobs and defeat the MVP spawns in certain zones

Good luck and happy Uni-RO! ^_^

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