[Event] Invite Your Friends! ∞

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[Event] Invite Your Friends! ∞

Post by Admin on Mon May 23, 2016 11:36 am

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Hi guys!
Let's invite your friends and you (and your friends) will receive rewards!

Current Player (who invite any friend) Rewards
- 500,000 zeny
- 1 pc Neuralizer (untradeable)
- 1 pc Premium Service Ticket (untradeable)
- 3 pcs Field Manual 100% (untradeable)

NOTE: Each item is multiplied by number of friends invited
Example: 2 friends invited = 1,000,000 zeny, 2 pcs Neuralizer, 2 pcs Premium Service Ticket, and 6 pcs Field Manual 100%

Invited Friend Rewards
- 400,000 zeny
- 1 pc Premium Service Ticket (untradeable)
- 7 pcs Field Manual 100% (untradeable)

1. Friend(s) invited = new ID (registered starting from today, May 23rd, 2016 + mention your FB & your friend's REAL FB)
2. Any fraud will result in banned ID
3. These event details may change without notice or warning as deemed necessary by Uni-RO staff
4. Uni-RO staff decision is final and cannot be contested
5. Contact any online admin/GM to claim the rewards (THE CURRENT PLAYER & INVITED FRIEND(S) MUST BE ONLINE AT THE SAME TIME)

Help us to build a great community in Uni-RO Smile


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