[Event] Happy Fasting 1437H! --ended--

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[Event] Happy Fasting 1437H! --ended--

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 07, 2016 11:19 am

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Happy Fasting 1437H!

to our Moslem players Wink

A special guest has come!

Al-Mustopha, a muslim man, will stay in Uni-RO during Ramadhan.
He also needs your help! His side job is making Ketupat (Boost EXP rate by 100% and drop rate by 50% for 10 minutes)

Hence, he need many leaf-things dropped by Mandragora (recommended: prt_fild02 & mjolnir_11)

FYI, the monster will also drop some cards ('Happy' 'Fasting' '1437H' '!')

Bring the complete cards to Al-Musthopa and he will give you a Ramadhan Box as reward for helping him!

Get these following items from Ramadhan Box!

(Jackpot: Selendang & Songkok Costumes)

[Period: June 6th, 2016 - July 5th, 2016]

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