[News] Enchantable Armor

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[News] Enchantable Armor

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:03 pm

[English Version]

NPC Apprentice Craftsman has arrived in Uni-RO!

You can enchant your ARMOR now!

After that, don't forget to refine it at least to +5 in order to activate the random buff Wink


- An armor can be enchanted to infinite times. However, remember the armor can be destroyed if the enchantment is failed (80% success chance). Just pay 300,000 zeny for each attempt.
- Enchantment will erase the armor's refine level and card inserted, so we suggest you to bring only ONE +0 armor without any card inserted into it for each attempt.
- In order to activate the buff, you must refine your enchanted armor at least to +5
- There are 33 types of buff you can get RANDOMLY


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